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Vehicle Tax Changes - 1 October
There's a bit of confusion it seems around the road tax changes implemented 1 October. The simplest to understand is that although all vehicles must remain taxed with DVLA, there is no longer a requirement to display a tax disk, and DVLA are no longer issuing them. Further changes are that when a vehicle is sold second-hand the tax is no longer transferable... See the DVLA handout here (PDF).

Great Selection of Used YZF 125s and WR125s
We have a great range of Yamaha YZFr125s and WR125s as well as Honda CBF125s in our showroom at 1 Bell Lane, Wembley HA9 7RB.

If you fancy a great looking Yamaha then come and see these great low-mileage, good quality used bikes.


A few of our range of over 100 New Bikes, Scooters, Mopeds and Quads
Peugeot Kisbee
Sportline 50
£1449.00  (On the road)
MORE Mopeds
Lexmoto ZSX 125
£1599.00  (On the road)
MORE Commuters
AJS Bobber
£2999.00  (On the road)
MORE Cruisers
£1599.00  (On the road)
MORE Commuters
£1699.00  (On the road)
MORE Motards
Quadzilla Road Legal
450 Sport
£4549.00  (On the road)
MORE Sports Quads
Lexmoto XTRS 125
£1349.00  (On the road)
MORE Sports bikes
Peugeot V Clic
£1171.00  (On the road)
MORE Mopeds
Pulse Lightspeed 2
£1029.00  (On the road)
MORE Scooters
Kymco Agility
City 125
£1899.00  (On the road)
MORE Scooters

Get a CBT: To get on the road on a bike you need a CBT. Call 0203 417 0288 / 07880 364 436 and quote "MBW" to book training in East Lane, Wembley.

Had an Accident? McAMS can help you make your rightful claim against the other party when it isn't your fault. Call us to find out more.

no parking charges for bikes

Parking Charges? Often there are no parking charges, or very reduced charges, for bikes

Bikes can now use many Bus Lanes

Bus Lanes Bikes and Scooters now allowed in some Bus Lanes, check signs for details

No London congestion charge

Congestion Charges Bikes and Scooters are exempt London's congestion charges

  • Hyosung, Korea's best motorcycles and scooters
    • Hyosung: Hyosung offer a great range of motorbikes and scooters, from learner legal up to some superb 650s. Made in Korea, these machines achieve Japanese levels of quality.

  • Quadzilla - awesome Quads!
    • Quadzilla: Some of the best quads we have seen now come from Quadzilla; probably leading the way in innovation and design.

  • AJS mopeds, scooters and bikes
    • AJS: AJS, a heritage name but with an up-to-the-minute range of exciting mopeds, scooters and bikes, including one of the best looking 125cc cruiser in the world.

  • Peugeot quality scooters
    • Peugeot: We are an official Peugeot dealer. One of the best names in Scooters and Mopeds. We are proud to sell Peugeot Scooters in our showrooms.

  • WK Bikes!
    • WK Bikes: WK bikes, from the Quadzilla team, are fresh, sporty and innovative alternatives to some of the better known and common models from other manufacturers.

  • TGB, Taiwanese quality scooters
    • TGB: TGB offer a great range of learner-legal scooters, backed by more than 30 years of designing and manufacturing great scoots.

  • Rieju spanish sportsbikes, motards and crossers
    • Rieju: European manufactured sportsbikes, trail and motard bikes. These fantastic premium bikes look great, go well and are designed and made in Spain!

  • Used Honda CBF125s, CBR 125s and scooters from Motorbike Warehouse
    • Honda: We sell low mileage used learner legal Honda bikes and scooters, notably used CBF125s, CBR 125s and scooters such as the Lead.

  • Used Yamaha YZfr125s, YBR125s and scooters from Motorbike Warehouse
    • Honda: We sell low mileage used learner legal Yamaha bikes and scooters, notably used Yamaha YZfr125s, YBR125s and scooters.

  • CPI bikes and scooters from Motorbike Warehouse
    • CPI: CPI are a premium brand offering superior, Taiwanese built scooters and bikes, with a 3 year warranty! Come and see this great new range to MBW.

  • Kymco bikes and scooters from Motorbike Warehouse
    • Kymco: are such a well established brand supplying Taiwanese manufactured scooters and bikes.

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